Would a Project from Both Dan Harmon and Mitchell Hurwitz Make Your Head Explode?

Dan Harmon

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone to promote his documentary Harmontown (which chronicles his time away from the particularly dark period of Community), Dan Harmon let loose some incredibly vague details about a project he and Mitchell Hurwitz could maybe, sort of, kind of be working on.

Saying it would be a project that would “embrace the emerging mediascape,” Harmon sounds more like a boss spewing buzzwords than someone offering anything substantial. But, obviously, it’s not something he should really talk about much. The most anyone should know is that the two are talking about collaborating, and that’s exciting for those of us who enjoy innovative comedy.

Who knows if this mysterious project will ever happen, but we currently live in a world where Arrested Development finally birthed a fourth season (with a possible movie still in the works) and Community might actually live up to its’ “six seasons and a movie” moniker. Harmon and Hurwitz have delivered the impossible before; this almost seems like small potatoes compared to the odds they’ve previously demolished.

Also in that interview, though, was this tidbit:

“I’ll keep biting off more than I can chew, and my child will grow up to hate me, hate writing, love football, and turn into a douchebag. Then ironically, he will write a book about me being a bad dad that’s more successful than anything I’ve ever written.”

Ah yes, the football-douchebag correlation. Even the best go for the low-hanging fruit sometimes.

Steve DiMatteo

Author: Steve DiMatteo

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