Check Out the New Teaser Trailer for ‘Peanuts’

Charlie Brown

It’s hard not to get excited when you hear “Linus and Lucy,” so when it starts playing in the new teaser trailer for the movie Peanuts, you want to lose it like Snoopy.

Although the movie won’t come out until November 6th, 2015, that doesn’t mean we can’t get excited in the meantime. And if the trailer is any indication, we’ll all be subjected to a bright, colorful Peanuts world with the slow-as-molasses humor that goes down so easy.

After all, in the world of comic strips, Charlie Brown and his friends are really second to none. And while we get to take in the specials that air every year during the holidays, it will be great to see a new generation enjoying the group on the big screen; the last time that happened was in 1980, with Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don’t Come Back!!).

The new film’s production will be led by Paul Feig, who you should remember for playing Tim in Heavyweights, or maybe directing Bridesmaids and The Heat, I guess. Steve Martino (Horton Hears a Who!) will be directing, while Peanuts will be written by Craig Schulz, Bryan Schulz and Cornelius Uliano.

Now wouldn’t it be something if Calvin & Hobbes could one day see a movie theater?

Steve DiMatteo

Author: Steve DiMatteo

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