Should You Get Wasted on a Monday?

Green Beer

Today is St. Patrick’s Day. It is also a Monday.

For some of you, this poses a bit of a problem, since you likely spent the weekend celebrating or drinking in some capacity. Or maybe you just sat at home binge-watching Netflix, branding your couch with an imprint of your ass. But at the same time, today is the actual holiday and what else are you supposed to do on St. Patrick’s Day but get drunk and eat food you wouldn’t touch any other time of the year?

If you’re in college, you absolutely go for it. There is no second-guessing or thinking about the ramifications of a massive hangover come Tuesday morning. You run right to the bar and enjoy the green beer and car bombs until you find yourself incoherent before sundown. You do this because, well, it’s college. It’s not the real world; it’s a glorious fantasy land where you’re allowed to test out what it’s like to be an adult while still being able to act like an idiot when necessary, such as a St. Patrick’s Day that falls on a Monday.

You do this because, eventually, that lifestyle will have to be retired.

So if you’re not in college, if you’re experiencing the cold, harsh reality of real life, what reason do you have to go out for St. Patrick’s Day on a Monday? If you don’t have a job, it’s only slightly understandable, but if you do and you’re one of those people who would actually take off work to “celebrate,” then you’ve reached the point of no return and you might as well fully embrace becoming your friend group’s lovable alcoholic oaf.

Maybe you can swing going out after work; there’s a good chance that plenty of your coworkers or friends are going out. But no one stops at just one drink on a day like this, so it’s important to prepare yourself for a morning of pain.

So the question remains – should you actually get wasted on a Monday?

Yeah, probably.


Steve DiMatteo

Author: Steve DiMatteo

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