New Beginnings, New Friends and New Opportunities

Hey everybody, Jeremy here!Jeremy Headshot

I’m thrilled to be the newest intern at Robot Butt, and our fearless editors have tasked me with running the company blog. I can’t wait to bring you a glimpse into the inner workings of a comedy site!

I guess I should tell you guys a little bit about myself.

I’m a junior at Northwestern University, majoring in multimedia journalism with a minor in global politics. I have a real thirst for the political process and the plight of other nations around the world; I wasn’t able to land the internship I wanted at MSNBC, but I’m positive I am going to learn some amazing things at Robot Butt.

I am originally from Indiana, where I played varsity football, basketball and baseball. I was fortunate enough to win All-District honors all four years of high school, and I hit the game-winning shot to give our basketball team the victory over Reading High in the Regional Finals in 2010.

College has really allowed me to discover previously unknown parts of myself. I never knew how much I loved to write, or how helpful and encouraging people can be while you pursue your dreams.

Who knows, maybe I’ll move my way up the ladder and start writing some in-depth pieces about the current state of comedy in our society and how it relates to our recovery as a nation. Or maybe I’ll learn everything I can about Photoshop – I’ve always wanted to edit my friends into weird places, like the Republican National Convention (zing!).

This is going to be an incredible journey for the next few months – be sure to follow along!



Author: Jeremy

Junior at Northwestern. Robot Butt intern. Chasing my dream!

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